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By dondudding

July 10, 2014

From: Twitterfried


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Lord Walter Worcestershire’s

Reparative Verse for Wee Odd Tykes (on Mondays)


The Wit and Wisdom of Woody Herb (on Tuesdays)


And Now You Know (on Wednesdays)


Twitterfried (on Thursdays)


TuneN2Nite (on Fridays).

About dondudding

I’m a retired high school English teacher who always wanted to be a cartoonist. Now, thanks to the internet, no one can stop me. I have a Ph.D. in Composition and Rhetoric. And because people keep asking, Lord Walter Worcestershire and Woody Herb are both completely imaginary and are not based on any specific person I’ve ever met.

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  1. Good to see all of you this weekend. Thanks for the info on your website. I can’t wait to see more. Take care Dr. Don and enjoy your retirement!

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